Sunday, July 18, 2010

America's Number 1 Method to Ease Noise Fears in Dogs

The "Treating Noise Phobias in Dogs CD" has been developed by experienced animal behavioural specialists. This CD is a step by step audio guide to solving your pet's noise fear problems.

The CD contains an easy to use audio guide to using the progressive desensitization technique recommended by animal welfare organizations, leading veterinarians and animal behavioural specialists.

This method is USA’s No 1 method of treatment of noise fears in dogs. It’s an easy to use, drug fee, clinically proven and animal friendly solution (in fact, most pets, and their owners, enjoy the process!).

The CD also includes digitally enhanced sound tracks of thunder, fireworks, gun fire and other common problem noises to assist pet owners in properly implementing this technique.

The Treating Noise Phobias in Dogs CD is not just another compilation of noises however. The CD guides you through the alternative methods of treatment, and allows you to make a fully informed choice on the best techniques to use for your dog.

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What People are saying about this CD: "This is a well researched and effective CD. The Treading Noise Phobias in Dogs CD is probably the best product of its kind available. I thoroughly recommend it." Dr Jason Wilston, Hampshire Veterinary Institute. "Thank you for the CD. Buster has been a different dog since we used it. Life is a lot more peaceful at the Ruzic's house!" Kate Ruzic, CA. "To the team at DogAudio - thank you, thank you, thank you! My wife was threatening that I would have to get rid of my dog if I didn't do something about the barking during storm season. Your CD has solved the problem!" Peter Jackson, FL. "A must for all owners of nervous pets. This CD is easy to use and effective. Why didn't someone think of it sooner?" Northern Courier Jan 21, 2006.

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Our Guarantee - this CD will help your dog overcome its fear of loud noises like thunder, fireworks, gunshots etc. If it doesn't work, simply return it for a full refund!